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Longmont Wing Chun

Welcome to the Longmont Wing Chun Academy
Teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu in Longmont since 1986

Affiliated with the Global Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association.
All programs and classes are designed by Grandmaster William Cheung.

1150 Francis St, Longmont Co -- Phone: 720 378 1865 --
Email: longmont_wingchun@yahoo.com

Offering Instruction in:

Wing Chun Kung Fu, Wooden Dummy, Butterfly swords, Dragon Pole, Chi Sao, Iron Palm, and Meridian Therapy Healing.

Chief instructor Master Daniel Brazitis, Doctorate of Martial Arts Philosophy & Martial Arts Science PhD/Ma.D.SC.
USA Hall of fame inductee, Kung Fu Master of the year 2008

Mission Statement:

We believe that taking part in a Martial arts class will enrich a student's life. The Martial arts teach self confidence and self discipline as well as improving the student's physical fitness and provides a great way to relieve stress. We teach adults as well as children and also offer classes the whole family can attend together.

Why Choose Longmont Wing Chun Academy;

The Wing Chun System:

Wing Chun is a Kung Fu system that is suited for people of all sizes and age. Wing Chun will teach you how to protect yourself against an attacker who may be physically bigger and stronger than you. We are committed to helping each student explore their full potential. Training in Wing Chun will not only give you the ability to defend yourself, but will improve your reflexes and co-ordination. Get the ultimate trophy, be able to protect yourself, your loved ones and your friends! Learn the system that Bruce Lee first learned. Don't hesitate, come in for your free introductory lesson (This offer does not include the Tuesday evening basic self defense class).

Going Overseas, Going to College, part of the Crime Victims board/ Victims compensation program? Take a look at our Basic self defense program. Bring the whole family and your friends too.


Footwork, blocks & strikes, kicks, sweeps & take-downs, joint locks & holds, pressure point attacks, weapons, Chi Gung (breathing exersizes), three empty hand forms, Wooden Dummy form and applications, contact reflex training (Chi Sao), grappling and grappling defense, conditioning.

Our Facility:

Our studio space is clean, organized and provides a professional environment that allows the student to focus on learning without outside distractions. Our facility is easy to find and provides plenty of parking.

Our Instructors:

At the Longmont Wing Chun Academy we believe the definition of high quality instruction means striking a balance between commitments to excellence and creating a nurturing environment that encourages each student to achieve their best. We have complete biographies of each instructor contained on the web site, please take a look at the experience we have to offer.

Our Rates:

Our rates are very affordable. We offer month to month rates or a 3 month rate, which offers a discount from the month to month rates (The 3 month discount does not apply to the Self Defense classes). We offer discounts for each additional family member, studying as a family shouldn't cost you more.

Address: 1150 Francis St Longmont CO 80501 Tel: 720-378-1865  ___________________